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Task Force Digital Teaching

About Us

The Task Force Digital Education is an ad hoc working group that was established at the beginning of April 2020 in order to find solutions for digital teaching and learning at Humboldt University for the Covid19 crisis. The Task Force consists of HU staff from three institutions of Humboldt University: bologna.lab, Computer and Media Service (CMS) and the International Office.

The Task Force's central task is to advise and support HU teaching staff (and students) on making the online semester possible. The members of the Task Force  have taken on this task on top of their normal work load.

The Task Force is aiming at an exchange on questions and issues regarding digital/online teaching between the University faculties and to support joint solutions. 


  • Wolfgang Deicke (bologna.lab)
  • Uwe Pirr (deputy) (CMS)


Members of the Taskforce (in alphabetical order)
  • Stefanie Berger (CMS)
  • Peggy Breuer (CMS)
  • Dr. Christin Bohnke (International Office)
  • Kathrin Friederici (bologna.lab)
  • Andreas Goroncy (CMS)
  • Ingo Riehl (CMS)
  • Laura Schilow (bologna.lab)
  • Julia Szymetzko (Compass)
  • Tina Talman (bologna.lab)
  • Sebastian Thümmel (CMS)
  • Andreas Vollmer (CMS)
  • Marc Winkelbrandt (CMS)
  • Leonie Wölker (bologna.lab)


Former members of the Taskforce (in alphabetical order)
  • Sabrina Hahm (bologna.lab)
  • Thea Jenner (bologna.lab)
  • Dr. Monika Sonntag (bologna.lab)
  • Gert Wegmarshaus