Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Digital Teaching

Further Training


The CMS and bologna.lab offer trainings on several topics regarding digital teaching.


Training on Technical Aspects and Software

Trainings are offered on a broad variety of topics, among these

  • Moodle (Beginners and Advanced Staff Members)
  • Creating E-Portfolios with Mahara
  • Zoom
  • OER
  • Exams with Moodle,

You can find these trainings under the header "Präsentation und Medieneinsatzin der Lehre" at HU's center for professional education and training.


Training on Didactic and Conceptual Aspects

The bologna.lab offers workshops on different topics, among these

  • Teaching in the format of "Learning through Research" (Forschenden Lernen)
  • Didactics in the International Classroom
  • Visualizing Contents
  • Introduction to Digital Teaching

On request we also offer trainings on your specific needs and interests. Please write us an e-mail.