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Concept and Implementation of Digital Teaching

Digital classrooms do not only differ from analog classrooms with regard to their technical possibilitires. Here, the bologna.lab presents several different offers, which were created to support the conception, didactics and implementation of digital teaching scenarios.


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Planning Online Classes           

There are many possibilities to integrate digital elements into one's own teaching. The most important elements you need to keep in mind when creating online classes, e.g. audience, framework, inclusion etc., we have collected in our crash course.

For a fast orientation, we recommend:


Recommendations for Implementation  

Here you find all the technical options, which HU offers for teaching classes remotely.


Ideas and Materials            

Turing a class into an online class can be a rewarding and sustainable project. Once you have them created, online classes can be used again and again. At the same time, they support your students' digital skills. We supports you with ideas and materials.


Professional Development             

We supports you in your professional development. If you are interested in technical solutions (e.g. interactive elements of H5P or conference tools) or if you are looking for peer exchange formats, we are happy to create suited trainings for you.