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HU digital learning and teaching landscape (HDL3)


The HU digital teaching and learning landscape (HDL3) enables teachers and students to implement large parts of teaching and studying online. It combines IT services to map courses online, to conduct lectures and seminars or to hold exams. The services enable collaborative work in courses and between students; teaching material can be offered and used as video or interactively.

The various HDL3 services are interlinked, with the HU-Moodle learning management system at the centre: teachers can link directly from HU-Moodle to their course dates, store teaching materials and create chat rooms in the Matrix/Element messenger service.

The HDL3 offering is constantly being expanded and updated to adapt to the needs and circumstances of teaching and studying at the HU.

The digital teaching and learning landscape is currently supported by the following services, with more in the pipeline.

moodle-100x100.png Moodle - Learning & Communication Platform of the HU

Moodle is the course management system and virtual learning platform of Humboldt-Universität. It also functions as a central contact point for many other services in the teaching and learning landscape. Moodle provides virtual course rooms in which teachers can provide learning activities and work materials as well as integrate video conferencing. Students can also create Moodle rooms for their own working groups.

More information on Moodle.

moo-oc-100x100.png Opencast - Videomanagement in Moodle

With the video management plugin "Opencast", teachers can manage video material for their courses directly in Moodle. Videos can be uploaded directly into Moodle and integrated as streams into individual Moodle courses. The integrated rights management allows authors to retain control over their content.

The integrated Opencast Studio enables web-based video production without the need for complex video software.

More information on video management with Opencast.


moodle-oo-100x100.png OnlyOffice - Collaborative texts, tables and presentations in Moodle

OnlyOffice is a collaborative, web-based office solution for text, spreadsheet and presentation documents. Teachers and students can use it to work together on documents and project work. An integrated chat function allows project participants to vote while working together, and a versioning function allows earlier document versions to be restored at any time.

More information on OnlyOffice.


zoom_100x100.png  HU-Zoom - Web conferences and webinars for large groups

HU-Zoom is a cloud-based solution for web conferences and is also suitable for large events with up to 1,000 participants. It offers functions such as Breakout Rooms, which enables a whole range of didactic scenarios, such as WorldCafes, BarCamps or similar.

More information on HU-Zoom.


bbb-100x100.png BigBlueButton – Web conferences

BigBlueButton is a web conferencing solution for holding teaching events, including screen sharing and whiteboard functions. Events can be recorded and then made available in Moodle as teaching material.

More information about BigBlueButton.


matrix-ele-100x100.png Matrix/Element – Chat and Messenger

The messenger Element is used for synchronous and asynchronous communication and collaboration, including the integration of mobile devices. Students can organise themselves, and teachers can create rooms for their courses that dynamically complement Moodle. Individual and group chats as well as the sharing of files and other tools enable collaboration both in the course and in free student working groups.

More information on Element.


overleaf_100x100.png Overleaf – Collaborative text typesetting based on LaTeX

Overleaf is a web-based editor for typesetting documents using the LaTeX text typesetting system. It allows the collaborative creation and editing of documents, including real-time comments and chat function for exchange.

More information about Overleaf.

hdlblau_100x100.png Lecture recording

CMS has equipped lecture halls 0'110 and 0'115 in Adlershof with media technology to record lectures with professional technology. The recording either takes place in self-service on site or can be initiated from HU-Moodle on a calendar basis.

More information on lecture recording.


hdlblau_100x100.png Screenrecording

With Opencast Studio or Camtasia and Snagit, various options are available for recording screencasts on your own computer. Both offers record video and audio recordings of speakers and/or screen contents such as PowerPoint.

 More information on Screenrecording.