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Looking Beyond the Horizon: Digital Teaching at other Universities

The digital term at Aarhus University, Denmark

06.05.2020 | Aarhus University in Denmark, like many other European and international universities, holds its summer term digitally. On their website, they provide resources for lecturers and students, from tips on successful digital courses to suggestions that can help structure the digital workload.

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Digital Teaching in Switzerland

28.4.2020 | In Switzerland, the universities have already started the summer semester in February, which now largely takes place digitally.

The ETH Zurich has provided several scenarios on its website on how digital teaching can be successful: from preparing learning materials for self-study, to online group work, to the replacement of internships and the establishment of virtual coffee breaks.

The UAS Bern has published a plea against the constant use of video conferencing and recommends online teaching to think from the students' point of view as well.