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News from the Community of Practice at the HU

Institute for European Ethnology gains experience with Mumble

06.05.2020 | For some weeks now, the Institute for European Ethnology has been using a Mumble server as a "virtual institute". Mumble is an open source software, which enables encrypted voice/chat communication. The Mumble server is installed on an institute server and is the basic digital infrastructure on which additional programs such as Moodle or Zoom can be set up.

A special feature of the project with Mumble is that the rooms of the institute are virtually mapped: Lecturers can log in to their virtual "offices" and thereby "be present". Some lecturers are present on the server during their working hours and thereby show responsiveness. There is a social effect, since lecturers are thus able to show students and colleagues that they are available.

Even larger meetings with about 20 people can be held easily. Working with the an experienced moderator, the experience has been positive so far. Many classes at the institute are held with a combination of Mumble, Moodle and other tools. The Fachschaftsinitiative (student committee) also uses the tool for their meetings and offers advice and exchange possibilities for new students in the virtual Fachschaftscafé.

Initially, the sound quality was not sufficient. To demonstrate how the language configuration at Mumble works, video tutorials were developed at the institute.

The videos are available at

Contact person for the project:
Christoph Bareither
Timo Schmidt
Institute for European Ethnology

Department of Biology Didactics produces Video Tutorials for Online Teaching

 21.04.2020 | The AG Fachdidaktik und Lehr-/ Lernforschung Biologie has produced video tutorials for asynchronous media production in the field of screen-, slide- and podcasting. During the last semesters, the department has gained experience with various solutions in the field of digital teaching.

The offer is specifically aimed at HU members who want to integrate their videos produced with Camtasia into the existing infrastructure of the HU (e.g. Moodle).

The procedure for uploading videos to HU resources depends on the file format of the videos. Links to the video tutorials:

In addition, an overview of various teaching-learning tools was created, which can be downloaded here as a PDF.


Contact the project:

Institute of Biology, Didactics and Teaching/Learning Research in Biology
Prof. Dr. Upmeier zu Belzen, Prof. Dr. Krahe and Sascha Kurz, Student Assistant.



Over 100 participants in online courses for online teaching

20.04.2020 | Over 100 participants have so far taken part in the English-language self-study online course "How to Teach Online: An Instructional Course" by Christopher Shaw. Christopher Shaw a researcher at the Faculty of Theology. He published the course on Moodle at the end of March. The course has been given a CC license so that it is open to all interested parties. There is the possibility to network and form tandems through the course, so that "newbies" and teachers with a lot of digital teaching experience can exchange ideas.

The German-language Moodle self-study course of the bologna.lab "Translating classroom teaching into online teaching" has also gotten off to a good start. 80 participants have registered for the course, which leads in six modules through the process of revising their own teaching project.