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Crash Course "Digital Teaching"            

This Moodle Crash Course "Digital Teaching" contains individual modules on the topic of teaching online. It covers many aspects: conditions of online teaching, general hints and ideas, didactic tricks, roles and expectations and much more. Within the course, there is also a detailled collection of methods. You can ask your questions in the forum and connect with peers. Click here to get to the short video "Insights into the course" (2:24 minutes).


"Moodle-Tools for Digital Teaching"     

The Moodle team introduces all the tools you can use in Moodle for creating online courses in this course. You will find everything you ever wanted to know about Moodle.

The course also gives you some introduction into how to use the interactive elements of h5p in Moodle.

Please make use of the Moodle-Info-Forum and the Moodle-FAQ.



"Elektronic Exams in Moodle"   

This Moodle courses is the basis for creating digital exams in Moodle and is used within the special training courses on exams. This training can be booked on request!

In the forum, you can ask all your questions and exchange and discuss your experiences.

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How to teach online: An instructional course for HU faculty members 

This course page has been set-up to help HU Berlin faculty members and associates to learn the basic steps toward creating an online teaching environment. 


Best Practice    

In the past years, we have collect best practice examples within the programme "Digitale Lehre gesucht!". This overview shows you what has been done at HU regarding teaching online before, e.g. Flipped Classroom, publishing online, e-portfolios etc. We are also happy to receive and publish your own best practice examples. 


Collection of Materials and Information

The CMS collects information on services and ongoing projects under the header "Digitale Medien" (e.g. video recording of lecture, using HU Box, video editing etc).

The bologna.lab collected unter the header "Digitale Lehre" many pieces of information and ideas for creating and implementing digital teaching. 

Please also refer to the Task Force's handouts.


Digital Teaching - Forum Exchange  

The Moodle course of the Institute of Education Studies invites colleagues from all subjects to share their experiences with teaching online in the forum and to discuss technical solutions, creative ways on how to make things work, alternative exams and your experiences.