Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Digital Teaching

Questions Regarding Set Up

  • I am teaching as a temporary lecturer (“Lehrbeauftragte*r) and I do not have a HU-account. How can I get access to Zoom?

    Currently, we are informing all HU facilities about a procedure for this issue. The temporary teaching staff will get an e-mail from their institution giving them the possibility to pre-register for a Zoom account. 

    Once you are pre-registered, we will import your personal information into HU Zoom. You will get an e-mail from with the subject “Einladung für Zoom-Konto” (Invitation to Zoom account). In this e-mail, Andreas Goroncy ( invites you to activate your Zoom account. Please follow the instructions to register and generate your own individual password. 

    We will import the pre-registered lecturers in the week before lectures start as well as during the semester on designated working days. 

    If you have any questions in this regard, please contact us via

  • How do I get access to Moodle?

    You can register for an account on Moodle on this website:

  • How can I set up a virtual class room which I can share with my colleagues?

    In order to set up a virtual class room that you can fill with content (work sheets, audio/video files, minutes etc.) we recommend the use of Moodle. Moodle hols the big advantage that students can find all relevant course material in one place for the whole semester.

    The benefit of Zoom is that you can talk to your students live. However, a Zoom Meeting is not a virtual class room: you can only share files during a meeting, but students will not be able to access these materials later for their individual study time. Hence, if you want to make study materials available for the whole length of the semester, we recommend setting up a Moodle course.

    For re-occuring events with several people chairing the session, Zooms offers the possibility to plan a meeting with several dates. At the very bottom of the page you can choose to designate several chairs for your meeting. To do this, you will need the e-mail adresses that your chairs used to register for HU Zoom.

    If you want to share files with your colleagues before you hand those out to the students, you can set up a shared repository with HU-Box.

    Your working process could look like this: First, individual production of teaching content (materials etc.) in Home Office --> using HU-Box to share and alter this content with your colleagues --> setting up a Moodle course to distribute materials --> Zoom Meeting to discuss with students --> minutes and tasks on Moodle -->...

  • How do I get access to my courses on Moodle and Zoom as a student?

    Once you have registered for your classes in AGNES, you now need the passwords for your courses on Moodle and on Zoom. If you have not registered for your courses via AGNES yet, please do so immediately.

    For Moodle you need a password and for Zoom you need a Meeting ID and a password. You will get these from your course instructors.


    Please follow these steps:

    1. Once you have registered in AGNES, you will receive an e-mail with your course information and passwords. Please wait for this e-mail.

    2. If you have not gotten an e-mail yet: Please look up your course Moodle (by searching for your course’s number or it’s title. Look up if there are any notes from your course instruction in the course description on Moodle (e.g. that you need to register for this course via e-mail etc).

    3. If you cannot find any information on this from your course’s website on Moodle, please send an e-mail to your course instructor. You can find the e-mail address either in your cours’s details on AGNES under "Zugeordnete Person":

    If you cannot find your course instructor’s e-mail address on AGNES, try to look him or her up on the HU’s website: