Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Digital Teaching

Can I protect my teaching materials against unwanted use?

This situation is regulated by law. As teaching staff responsible for classes and as a creator of teaching/learning materials, you can determine the use and distribution of your own materials. We recommend that you mark your own materials by copyright and that you define the allowed distribution space. If you put your teaching/learning materials online, you can limit its use and distribution to the specific class in which it is used.

In Moodle you can further secure your class by using a course password ("Einschreibeschlüssel").

In case of a misuse of individually made materials (e.g. presentations and videos), teaching staff and students can assert their own copyrights and make use of private prosecution.

If you have any justified concerns regarding the misuse of your teaching/learning materials, we recommend that you contact HU's legal department.