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Do I have to teach my weekly class now at the same time using Zoom?

We strongly recommend to consider all other options first, before settling for this solution.
Like all digital tools, Zoom has its advantages and disadvantages. Zoom's main advantage is that it enables direct communication. One disadvantage is that all participants need to be online at the same time and need to have technical equipment and a good Internet connection.

This is why we recommend only using Zoom where direct communication is necessary.
In many cases it makes more sense from a didactic point of view to share learning materials with the students (videos, audio files, texts, etc.). For this we recommend the use of Moodle.

If you are setting up a Moodle course as a virtual classroom, you can share all your course materials in there during the whole semester. For students this is easier to use because they will find everything they need for the course in one place.

In contrast, Zoom is a meeting option, not a virtual "classroom". You can share materials by screen sharing or posting them in the chat, but students will not be able to access them afterwards anymore.

Also, when using only Zoom, keep in mind that you do not make use of one big advantage that Digital Teaching has to offer: Students can access their learning materials at any given time that works for them and be more flexible in their learning.