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How can I create a subtitle for a video?

The CMS aims to include automatic subtitles in Opencast as a long term solution. However, this service will be implemented in the winter semester 2021/22 at the earliest.

Automatic subtitles rely on speech recognition services and turning speech into written language. Technical solutions take time because the software needs to be trained thoroughly in the respective language (usually by machine learning). Further, much computing power ist needed, especially for synchroneous subtitles. So far, providers of subtitle-software do not comply with Europrean Data Protection standards (DSGVO). This is why there is no short term software solution.

In principle, you can create subtitles for screen casts with Microsoft Office 365 Powerpoint. The subtitles can be created while you record your presentation. However, we need to point out: 


  1. For the above mentioned reasons, the software does not comply with HU's data protection regulation. Teaching staff, who opt for creating subtitles with Powerpoint, do this on their own responsibility of their data. 
  2. Only the cloud based form of Powerpoint has this function (Microsoft Office 365). Because the software does not comply with HU's data protection regulation, it is not supported by the CMS. If you want to use this software, you will need to use it on your private computer. However, if you have a staff number ("Personalnummer") at HU, you can get a cheaper version of Microsoft Office 365  for approximatetly 5 euros per year. Unfortunately, this discount software license is not available for "Lehrbeauftragte".