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How can I set up subtitles in Zoom?

There are several possibilities:

1) Typing in subtitles manually

If subtitles are activated, session hosts can manually type subtitles, which are shown to participants. They can also delegate this task to participants. It could be a good solution that several students with good typing skills take turns on this task.

How to activate subtitles:

1) Log into Zom Web Portal:
 2) My Settings --> In Meeting (Advanced)

3) Activate "Closed Caption"

4) Start the meeting, you will see "CC" in the bottom menu

5) Click on “CC” and choose, if you are typing yourself or if you are nominating participants for the task

6) In order to show the subtitles, participants need to click on “CC” in their bottom menu


2) Using an external subtitle provider:

You can incorporate an external subtitle provider (CART provider) live into the meeting on Zoom. Support for integrated captions within Zoom can be accomplished as long as the CART provider is able to use a captioning platform that supports Zoom's Closed Caption REST API (e.g. VITAC, Streamtext, 1CappApp)


3) Automatic subtitles of a recorded Zoom session in English:

If you have recorded a Zoom Meeting that took place in English, you can produce subtitles automatically for the recorded video. Unfortunately, Zoom does not have German speech recognition software, so this service cannot be used for meetings held in German.

Once the recording is done, go to “My Recordings” to create automatic subtitles for your meetings held in English.