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Task Force Digital Teaching

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Task Force Digital Teaching | FAQs on Online Education | Questions on Inclusion | How can I use Zoom with students with visual impairments?

How can I use Zoom with students with visual impairments?

If you are going to use any additional materials in your Zoom meeting (documents, presentations etc.), then you need to make sure that your students with visual impairments can access these materials, too. We recommend to hand out all relevant meeting materials beforehand, so that students can prepare for these materials (for example using their Screen Readers).

If you are sharing your screen while teaching, please tell your students verbally, what you are doing and what students are seeing, so that everyone can follow.

Use a high contrast setting for screen sharing. You can adapt your level of contrast in your computer’s settings (for Windows, iOS, Android) or you can chose the dark mode (MacOS). 


We do not recommend using the white board if students participate that use Screen Readers or access Zoom while using the keyboard (and not the computer screen and a mouse).