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HDL3 - Overleaf




Overleaf – key facts

  • Web-based solution for text typesetting based on LaTeX
  • Collaborative editing of documents including comment and chat function
  • "Real-time preview" shows results in real time
  • "WYSIWYG mode" for people who do not know LaTeX
  • Templates for course assignments
  • Part of the HU digital teaching and learning landscape



Overleaf is a web-based editor for typesetting documents using the LaTeX text typesetting system. Overleaf allows the collaborative creation and editing of documents, including real-time comments and chat function for exchange. Teachers can offer course assignments as templates that can be completed directly online by course participants. Functions such as real-time preview or the integrated WYSIWYG editor ("What you see is what you get") also allow LaTeX laypersons to create and edit documents.

Application scenarios:

  • Creation of teaching materials and course documentation
  • Joint creation and editing of documents
  • Creation of academic documents


  • An HU account is required
  • Complex documents require LaTeX knowledge
  • No direct integration in HU-Moodle